Prevent and Eliminate Acne with Chemical Face Peel Products

One of the most common skin complaints is acne. Most people think that acne only occurs during your teenage years, but it can happen at any age. We at Platinum Skin Care believe that taking care of your body and skin by using professional skin care products is the easiest and most effective way to eliminate and prevent acne. It is important to take care of your skin regardless of your age. Good skin care requires some effort but offers many rewards. You should eat healthy, drink plenty of fluids, avoid going out in the sun without sunscreen and use natural home treatments on a routine basis. Here are some of the best treatments for acne using chemical face peels.

Exfoliation is very important for removing the dead skin cells. Dead skin cells can have a number of negative impacts on your skin, including clogging pores and reducing the circulation in your face. This can make your skin look dull. When using an exfoliation product it is best to select one that is designed for oily skin and does not contain any added oils. Products like the enzyme mask, available from Platinum Skin Care, contain a variety of antioxidants and enzymes. Most include Papaya which helps to dissolve sebum buildup in the pores, kaolin clay which balances the sebum activity in the skin and green tea extract which is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C/

When you visit a spa for an acne treatment, one of the most popular types of treatments is a chemical peel. You can get similar professional skin care without going to an expensive spa as we provide a number of chemical peels that are available for home use. We only offer chemical peel products that are safe and effective. One of the most beneficial types of chemical peels is a salicylic peel. A salicylic peel is made with beta-hydroxy acid and is beneficial for loosening and removing dead cells, debris and oil that is built up on the surface of your skin. Using a salicylic peel will also help to stimulate new production of cells and increase the formation of collagen. Seen the video below for more details on this:

Correctly cleansing your skin is the most important thing you can do to maintain healthy, acne free skin. For example, it is common for many people to think that continuous scrubbing is necessary, but instead you should only clean your face once in the morning and once before going to bed. Choosing a good cleanser is also important in order to prevent over drying the skin. We think a natural cleanser such the basics 3-in-1 cleaner, which is made with ingredients like green tea and citric acid, provides a deep clean without over drying.

When choosing new products that provide professional skin care we feel it is important to try only one new product at a time to make sure it is the best product for your individual skin type. Prevent skin damage by carefully following directions on all products, especially chemical peels.



Relief from Acne Scarring using Skin Care Products

Acne Scarring

No one wants to be reminded that they had acne as a teenager. Severe cases of acne often leave permanent reminders—acne scarring—where skin is pitted where the acne damaged the underlying pores and skin tissue. We will talk about TCA peels, from AMCsquared and how they are best chemical peels you can get down below very soon.


Mild acne would be a sprinkle of pimples, blackheads or whiteheads. Moderate acne means more pimples, larger in size and red. Acne tends to cluster on cheeks, jaw line, chest, and back, but can be anywhere on the body.


Severe acne pustules dig deep into the skin, stretching pores and distorting the underlying tissue. Acne scarring is the result of this distortion of tissue. Other causes of scarring include irritating the pustules by picking at them, which may cause infection, hence the angry red color.


It’s important to control acne before scarring occurs, if possible. One popular preparation to control and clear acne is benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide comes in different strengths ranging from 2.5% to 10%. It speeds cell turnover (or peeling), which allows damaged skin to be replaced faster with new skin. When first starting with benzoyl peroxide, it’s best to use lower concentrations to avoid irritating the skin further. Irritation can cause acne pimples to break, which will cause more scarring later. It’s best to avoid an aggressive treatment if acne is mild to moderate.


If acne is severe, a more aggressive approach is needed. Chemical peels rid the skin of acne and can yield good results in clearing acne. Chemical peels will remove the upper layers of the skin, which takes the acne scarring down, making it less noticeable. Even with a mild chemical peel, like Jessners, the skin may still have noticeable scarring. If the damage is already done, there are ways to minimize the appearance on the skin. Abrasive scrubs may seem like the way to go, but avoid them as they cause further damage to skin that is already distressed. For light acne scarring, a product like retinol-A or alpha hydroxy can help smooth out the skin.


Chemical peels strike fear in some people with visions of acid being used to burn the skin off. Many chemical peels are made from natural acids found in fruit, such as: citric acid, glycolic acid, and lactic acid. Some peels contain alpha hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, and beta hydroxy acids. Some peels have faster results but can only be done by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.  All chemical peels work in the same way. They remove the top layers of the skin, which allows undamaged skin underneath to be exposed. The removal of dead skin forces new skin growth. New skin has better elasticity and turgidity and replaces the loosened skin that resulted from acne scarring. New skin has better blood flow, which will give the damaged area a more natural glow. The skin will continue to improve each time a chemical peel is done. Chemical peels can be done bi-weekly for all the AHA and BHA acids. Only TCA or Jessners would require a longer time period between peels, usually between 3 – 4 weeks. See the peels here:


Platinum Skin Care Removes 100 Breakouts Before They Happen

Platinum Skin Care is not only a cosmeceuticals manufacturer to prevent acne. It is not only a cosmeceutical provider of wrinkle cream and serum to remove circles under eyes. Our products include chemical peels and active skin products which are tested thoroughly, and never on animals. Our acne cleanser skin care product lines are professional and evidenced by the fact they are used in medical offices, spas and clinics nationwide and even abroad. Why should women (and men) waste money in these economic hard times by purchasing weaker products that have been created solely for the at-home buyer?

Our professional grade products are certified, approved, tested and used by professionals. They can be purchased by the at-home customers just as readily and provide professional Platinum Skin Care instantly and at affordable cost. We not only offer the best chemical peels, acne cleanser, antioxidants, oils and serums, we offer peptides and stem cells that are fully tested and approved. We manufacture skin solutions for not only the face, but the rest of the body as well. Acne sufferers know that acne can appear not only on the face but also the neck and back. Acne is also not restricted to pre-pubescents and can strike anyone with hormones and oils in their facial and body skin. Our acne cleanser and other preparations remove the cause for acne and thus prevent the breakouts before they have a chance to break through!

Our acne cleanser products and any of our other skin products are available individually or are assembled in kits and sets for affordability and convenience for our customers. We also will custom mix any two of our skin potions into one for our customers!

We offer our product Regenerate, which is a maximum potency Serum containing therapy of stem cells. It contains the important factor of epidermal growth, the stem cells of apple and citrus and also SynHycan, which is excellent to lessen lines and enhance elasticity. It will also heal acne and brighten the skin with cell renewal.

Platinum Skin Care can be your private sanctuary for advanced skin care formulated for your unique and individual needs, no matter your age or gender. Browse our site and review the many professional formulas we have processed into exacting potions and creams or cleansers to do what other companies advertise but cannot deliver. You skin embodies you. We can help you keep that embodiment bright, fresh, and attractive.


Improve The Look of Your Skin Using Chemical Peels And With A Healthy Maintenance Routine

Want great looking skin–all day, every day? Of course you do.  You’re about to learn how to do that using Platinum Skin Care’s Chemical Peels and easy to do routine.  Here’s what I mean by using chemical face peels :

Next up, now  instead of running to the dermatologist or plastic surgeon to get the results you want, start by implemening the healthiest possible skin care routine. Here, you’ll find great tips for keeping your skin looking and feeling great..


The first step to healthy skin is probably the most obvious–cleansing. But when you select a facial cleanser, it is critical to understand that one size does not fit all. First, the soap used to cleanse your body is far to harsh to use on the face, no matter what skin type you have. If your skin tends to be rather dry, creamy cleansing products are often very helpful in adding much-needed moisture to the skin. Oily skin, on the other hand, tends to respond well to alpha hydroxy cleansing chemical peels products which tends to cut through the oily secretion that often leads to clogged pores.

Regardless of the skin type, everyone should spend at least a minute on cleansing alone to be sure the product has the opportunity to truly cleanse away all dirt.

Superior Chemical Peel Products

The look and feel of your skin over time is often influenced by the quality of the products you use. Professional quality products — especially those specifically formulated to combat wrinkle reduction, acne breakouts and age spots — are trusted by trained estheticians and other professionals to yield desirable results for their clients.

An Inside Job

You’ve heard this before, but it bears repeating. The body consists of up to 90 percent water, and the body utilizes water to perform essential functions every day. Water washes away toxins, replenishes water lost through sweating and other body functions, helps deliver nutrients to the cells and is generally considered an essential component for healthy living. Maintaining great levels of hydration is not only important to other body functions, it contributes strongly to healthy, hydrated skin. Experts recommend you drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

Vitamins are also extremely important to both the functioning of the body and to the look of the skin. Vitamin C, which is found in citric fruits and whole grains, helps to build collagen, contributing to tighter skin. Vitamin E, found in almonds, peanut butter and vegetable oils, helps protect cell membranes and helps fight off free radical damage.

Less Frequent Beauty Treatments

Although cleansers, toners and lotions should be used as a part of any healthy cleansing routing daily, don’t overlook less frequent beauty treatments, such as hydrating masks which help exfoliate and hydrate the skin. These hydrating masks can be applied one per week (or once every other week). Also, stem cell treatments are great at helping the skin regain its youthful elasticity, helping the skin appear younger and with its original glow. Stem cell treatments should happen no more frequently than twice per month.

Now take action an use what you just learned from YSHC. Thanks for reading!